In 2009, I moved from the US to live with my husband near Toronto, Ontario. We had a grand several years there, and no, I didn’t tire of the snow. We left Canada on April 18th, 2015, to return to my home state of California. However, instead of spending everything on shipping our stuff, we put it into storage, bought an RV, and decided to have a long holiday first. We’ve been living in the RV full time since then.

To start from the beginning – go with Departure. I have been sending long updates via email to family and friends, and I’ll be copying those here, while possibly interjecting with current events. So even though you might be reading about July in one post, the next may jump to September. Don’t be afraid. No one ever died from chronological confusion… I think.

For the purposes of this blog I call my husband “DH” and my teenage son, “Youngest.” I do not refer to either of them as such in real life, but I wanted to keep their names out of this blog.

All photos here taken by me and cannot be used anywhere else for any purpose without prior permission.

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